EP: 011 Finding Your Enough W/ Manisha Thakor

Free yourself from toxic behaviors around work, money, and success — and find your “enough.” In MoneyZen, Manisha provides a framework for examining and letting go of self-sabotaging “never enough” behaviors, putting you on the path to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of

EP: 011 Finding Your Enough W/ Manisha Thakor
Finding Your Enough w/ Manisha Thakor and Host Jim Grace

On this episode of MFW, I talk with Manisha Thakor about her new book "Money Zen: The Secret to Finding Your Enough".  In the book Manisha shares her struggles with workaholism and hustle culture and how she's left behind the constant quest  for "more" and created a life filled w/ balance and meaning.

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I believe that the word "Enough" can be one of the most important topics in all of personal finance.  I don't know that I can think of another word that carries so much weight and can appear in so many different ways.

Do I make enough money?  Am I investing enough?  Are my returns good enough to help me accomplish my goals?  I hear questions like this all the time.

It shows up all over the place, intertwined with all kinds of financial planning concepts.  However, where the word starts to take on new meaning is when it' is used in questions related to one's identity.

Questions like, Am I doing enough for my children?  Am I spending enough time with my family?  Am I good at my job?  When we start to use the word in this way what we are really doing is asking the question...

Am "I" Enough?  

All of these questions and how you feel about them can impact your financial lives, as well as your overall wellbeing. So spending time thinking about what your "enough" is can be time very well spent.  Therefore, I can't recommend Manisha's new book enough, pun intended!

During our chat Manisha and I talk about: 

  • Her childhood and how she traces her struggles with workaholism all the way back to the "small t" trauma she experienced when she was bullied in her elementary school days. 
  • Being a "Human Doing" vs. Being a "Human Being" .
  • Social Comparison & Counterfeit Financial Culture and the challenges that they present in our modern lives. 
  • Net-Worth ≠ Self-Worth
  • Money Zen = Financial Health + Emotional Wealth , How to invest in both sides of the equation.
  • The 3 Super Power C's - Curiosity, Connection and Creativity
  • Creating a "Joyful Spending" plan 
  • Granting yourself permission to accomplish less. 


I forgot to ask the specific question re: what books, podcasts or other things Manisha would recommend checking out🤦‍♂️ but during our conversation she references: 


Manisha loves simplicity and finding small joys. She loves being in nature and spending as much time as she can with her niece and nephew.

  • She also recommends "Morning Pages" and the work of Julia Cameron as a way to tap into her creative self and "clear the pond scum of her mind" every morning.