EP: 006 Buying a Home is Hard w/ Mortgage Expert John Donlon

EP: 006 Buying a Home is Hard w/ Mortgage Expert John Donlon
Modern Financial Wellness Host Jim Grace with Mortgage Pro John Donlon

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial transactions that any of us will ever make in our entire lives. It's exciting, stressful, terrifying, heartbreaking, you name the emotion it more than likely exists within a real estate deal.

So check out my conversation with John Donlon of Gold Coast Mortgage Service, Inc.

In this episode I talk with John about the home buying experience, why it can feel so stressful and how to best prepare for the big move.

John has over 20  years of experience, helped thousands of people purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage. He has also talked with thousands more potential buyers about the process, ultimately never leading to a completed loan.   He has seen it all.


  • Things not working out, loans failing, homes not being purchased are often times a good thing.
  • Why buying a home is so stressful and how to prepare yourself for the journey.
  • What's at stake when buying a home.
  • How to be okay with uncertainty.


  • Buying a home or moving takes "100 hours" start to finish when you consider all the moving pieces.  Start Early.
  • "It is an emotionally charged process,  a 10/10 on the scale and somewhere along the way you will have failure.  Failure is necessary along the journey, if not you may end up owning a home that just wasn’t meant to be ."

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