EP: 015 An Intro to Financial Biases w/ Mary Bell Carlson

EP: 015 An Intro to Financial Biases w/ Mary Bell Carlson
Dr. Mary Bell Carlson

Dr. Mary Bell Carlson, CFP®, AFC®, is a financial behavior expert, well-known speaker, podcaster, and storyteller and I was excited to have the chance to talk to her about her work around Financial Biases.

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We had a really wide ranging conversation in which we cover... 

  • Mary's extremely unique career thus far.   Having spent time in Washington D.C. working with the Pentagon and lobbying Congress on behalf of the Financial Planning Association, Mary gives us a behind the scenes look at the role of the federal government and the impact it can have on financial decision making and financial behavior. 
  • We talk about what Financial Biases are and how they appear in our daily lives. 
  • She helps us understand ourselves better and gives us a lesson in Heuristics, or the "short cuts" our bodies use to help us make decisions. 

And much more...



  • Mary loves to spend time in prayer, reflecting on the things she is grateful for in her life and reading to her children.